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Quebec Business Immigration Program

Essentialities of Quebec Business Immigration Program 

What is Quebec Business Immigration program? 

The Quebec Business Immigration program is a type of program through which applicants can apply for Canadian Immigration if they acquire investor, entrepreneurial or the self-employed skill and expertise as well as desire to inhabit in the region of Quebec.

Procedure of selection under Quebec Business Immigration Program 

The persons, who desire to apply for the Quebec Business Immigration Program, have to confirm their ability and purpose to inhabit in Quebec as well as their contribution to the Canadian financial system successfully and considerably.

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The stepwise procedure to apply under Quebec Business Immigration Program is

•    Candidates will submit an application for the desired immigration program

•    If the Quebec Government grants the application, the applicant will obtain the Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ) from the Quebec Government.

•    Candidate requires undergoing and succeeding the security and health tests

•    After successful achievement of all the official procedure, a candidate will get the Permanent Resident Visa in the related or chosen category.

Categories of Quebec Business Immigration Program 

The Quebec administration picks business people, capitalists as well as high-net value persons for Quebec immigration. For that, it is mandatory that applicants might be eligible to apply beneath one of the below given three business immigration groupings

  • Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

The chief conditions to be eligible under Quebec Immigrant Investor Program are:

•    Applicant must have lawfully attained worldly goods of at least Canadian$ 1,600,000

•    Applicant must confirm the intent to inhabit in Quebec as well as must sign a contract to spend Canadian $ 800,000

•    Applicant must have the knowledge and expertise in running industrial business, legal farming or in an authorised practised business

  • Quebec Immigrant Entrepreneur Program

To become eligible in this category the conditions are:

•    Applicant must have authorised net assets of least worth of Canadian$ 300,000

•    Applicant must acquire at least two years of practice in administrating an authorised business within the most recent five years from the date of proposing the application.

•    The associated business that is furnished previously must be permanent together with the duties and tasks such as setting up, running and management of material, monetary as well as human resources.

  • Quebec Immigrant Self-employed Worker Program

To be qualified under this category the mandatory conditions are:

•    Applicant must approach with an aim to build his/her own occupation by functioning in a vocation or do the business of your own.

•    Applicant must contain a net permissible asset of at least Canadian$100,000

•    Applicant must cover at least two years of knowledge in the occupation or business he/she is keen to perform in Quebec.

Benefits of Applying through Quebec Business Immigration Program 

By applying through Quebec Business Immigration Program applicants can get below given benefits

•    The program offers an unrestricted residency option as well as chance to get future nationality of Canada.

•    The program offers the visa owner an alternative to live wherever in Canada.

•    The program offers the candidate and his family an opening to have the benefit of all the facilities that the Citizens of Canada enjoy.

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