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Quebec Immigrant Investor Program Of Canada

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program Of Canada  

The QIIP (Quebec Immigrant Investor Program) is the preferable program to migrate to Canada via province of Quebec. The Quebec is one of the biggest provinces of Canada with outstanding infrastructure and strong financial system. With the latest conclusion of Federal Immigrant Investor program of Canada, the QIIP is a single Canadian investor visa of its own type and is available for foreign business people; it boosts up the investment levels same as the earlier federal program.

The government of Canada and Quebec have an individual contract on immigration. The country has its own selection rules for immigrants who want to reside in Canada. The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is for the applicants who are eligible for permanent resident visa Canada and allow working, living and doing business in the country unconditionally.

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The procedure to get Quebec Immigrant Investor Visa:

  • The application has to submit to the Quebec immigration visa office. The applications must consist of documents such as identity proof, financial statement, police clearance, business and qualification certificates etc.
  • Once you submit your application the visa officer will assess to ensure that you fulfil all the requirements and your documents are legal.
  • When your application has proven ok you will get a call from Embassy for an interview. You have to bring original documents along with you.
  • Then pay the fee to Quebec immigration authorities and pass the medical examination.

Benefits of Quebec Investor Immigration Visa

Direct and indirect advantages of visa holder and his family:

  • The investor can settle down with their families anywhere in Canada as it is an efficient and fast process.
  • The investor’s children can study with the preferential fees system at well-known universities.
  • Its rich multi-cultural, vibrant and religious society makes Quebec a bestow place to raise the families.
  • One will get the private and public health insurance under the healthcare system.
  • Good relations with NAFTA and US economic market which helps you in doing new business and enhancing the running business.
  • It provides great job opportunities.
  • Your invested money is safe with the government and will return after 5 years.

Requirements for the Quebec Investor Immigration Visa:

To be eligible, the immigrants should demonstrate the following:

  • Minimum 2 years experience as a senior manager in eligible partnership, NGO, government body or private enterprise in last 5 years.
  • Proof of legally acquired private funds of $1.6 million
  • The immigrant has to invest $800,000 for 5 years in any government enterprise.
  • The immigrant has to specify the reason for settling in Quebec.
  • The processing fee of visa is $15,000, which have to be paid.

Sometimes, few applications might be sent back to the applicant because of the incompletion, to avoid this problem one should hire an immigration consultant from a well-known immigration company. The consultants will help in the accurate completion and submission of your visa application of Quebec Immigrant Investor Program; this saves your time and money. Their main perspective is to assist the clients at each and every step of immigration process through an excellent team.

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