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Quebec Skilled Worker Program Points Calculator

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Points Calculator

Commenced by the canadian Federal Government and Government of Quebec, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program or QSWP is the program that enables the trained, skilled and higher qualified foreign nationals to immigrate to the Quebec to join the skilled workforce of the nation. The eligible applicants who apply for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program are assessed based on different factors and they need to score highest points in the Quebec Selection Certificate so that they can apply for the canadian PR visa.

In order to qualify for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, the applicant needs to score minimum points so as to qualify. The applicants need to score 50 put of 100 points and for couples they need to score 59 points out of 100 points.

The applications of the applicants are evaluated based on different grid factors including the areas of training, education, validated employment offer, age, work experience, language proficiency, family in Quebec and more. Please note that criteria for the application are subject to change and hence it is necessary to check the changes at any time before applying. You need to know the latest developments in the immigration processes.

What is Quebec Skilled Worker Program Points System?

If you apply for the Federal Skilled Workers Program and become eligible, then you will receive the Quebec Selection Certificate. After receiving the selection certificate you will become eligible for applying for the canada PR visa and hence you can start preparing for moving to canada under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. After you enter the province, you are required to undergo the police and medical clearance examination and after that you need to secure the canadian PR Card. As mentioned, the applicants need to score highest points above 50 points out of 100 in order to become eligible for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. However, in the Quebec Skilled Worker Point System the couples need to score more than 59 points out of 100 points to become eligible for the QSWP.

Factor 1: Education

Level of EducationPoints
Secondary school general diploma2
Secondary school vocational diploma6
Postsecondary school general diploma attesting to 2 years of full-time studies4
Postsecondary school technical diploma attesting to 1–2 years of full-time studies6
Postsecondary school technical diploma attesting to 3 years of full-time studies8
Undergraduate diploma attesting to 1+ years of full-time studies4
Undergraduate diploma attesting to 2+ years of full-time studies6
Undergraduate diploma attesting to 3+ years of full-time studies10
Master’s Degree12
Maximum Points14

Factor 2: Area of Training

Areas of TrainingPoints
Section A12
Section B9
Section C6
Section D2
Section E, F or G0

Factor 3: Validated Employment Offer

Validated employment offer in the metropolitan area of Montreal8
Validated employment offer outside the metropolitan area of Montreal10

Factor 4: Work Experience

Less than 6 months0
6-11 months4
12-23 months4
24-35 months6
36-47 months6
48 months and over8

Factor 5: Age

18-35 years of age16
36 years of age14
37 years of age12
38 years of age10
39 years of age8
40 years of age6
41 years of age4
42 years of age2
43 years of age or older0

Factor 6: Language Proficiency (French)

French ProficiencyLow Beginner (A1)High Beginner (A2)Low Intermediate (B1)High Intermediate (B2)Advanced (C1)Advanced (C2)

Do I qualify for canada Express Entry visa

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Points Calculator

According to the national Express Entry Program, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program Points are calculated based on the skills and occupations categorized by the National Occupations Classifications. The skills of the applicants are regarded in high demand based on the labour marketplace of canada and they are given higher priority over the others in the point calculators. Apart from the common factors, there are also other factors that are considered in assessing the viability of the applicant for the Quebec with PR visa.