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Quebec Skilled Worker

Get A Visa Under Quebec Skilled Worker Program!

Situated in the east-central zone of Canada, Quebec is the largest province where the French language predominates. Having an advanced and 37th largest economy in the world, Quebec has become the centre of multiple industries such as information technology, aerospace, software, multimedia and many others. According to an approximation, there almost 7,300 businesses with more than 145,000 people working as employees.

Quebec is planning to provide more jobs this year. Hence, the immigrants are invited to join the workforce in the 115, 000 new jobs.

Across the globe, people come and work in Quebec due to the benefits of this program. The economic growth constantly presents new opportunities for the immigrants and allows the government to improve the labour market in Quebec

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 Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Requirements to become eligible for the program

In order to apply under this program, the candidates need to have following:

1. In Education

You need to have any of the qualifications that fall under the area of training or AOT list provided for Quebec. Also, the qualification should have the foreign recognition or it should be equivalent to the Quebec diploma.
Your diploma should have been provided to you within the last 5 years of applying. Otherwise, you are required to have at least 1 year of work experience in the relevant field in which you have gained training.

2. Work experience criteria

Work experience in the following categories are considered:
Full-time or part-time internship
Training or specialization that is recognized by a diploma
It is important that the experience has been gained within the 5 years preceding the application.

3. Age limits

The applicant should have the 17 years of age or more.

4. Required language skills

The English skills should not be less than CLB 5
Under the French threshold, the applicant needs to have a level 7, i.e. the advanced intermediate level. Or, you can have the equivalent as well.
It is important that the candidate stays and has a relationship with a Canadian citizen and Quebec residents.
The applicant needs to have an employment invitation from any of the Quebec employer.
Also, the spouse characteristics matter a lot.

Other considerations

The number of children who are less than 22 years old and migrating to Quebec with the applicant.
The ability to support the family financially for the first 3 months of the migration.
The preparations made to effectively migrate.

For a single person, the minimum required points are 49. However, this becomes 57 if a married couple applies under this program.

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Time Required to Complete the whole Process

Depending on the nationality of the applicant, the processing time can take around 7 to 39 months. For instance, an Indian can expect the processing to complete within 11 to 12 months.

The fee requirement for the Visa

  • You are required to pay 765 CAD for the Quebec Selection certificate.
  • For the primary applicant, the fee is 164 CAD. And you also have to pay some amount for the secondary applicant and the dependents.
  • The Canada Permanent Residency fee is required as well.

Do I qualify for Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

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Aspire to live in Québec forever? Be in this prosperous land with 7,300 businesses currently in operation. Apply with Nile Migration to the Québec Skilled Worker Program. Note: Knowing French is Essential.

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