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Regulated canadian immigration Consultant (RCIC)

nile migration Associated ICCRC Member

Mr. Johnson Varughese is a member of the ICCRC and has been working here for a long time. His RCIC code is R516104. Because of ICCRC registration, he can be trusted for assistance in the representation of various cases such as spousal sponsorship, Permanent Residency, or PNP of canada.
There is a need for an immigration lawyer once you have decided to immigrate to canada and essentially, he should be associated with ICCRC which governs the working of all the immigration consultants for canada. ICCRC has been overseeing the work of immigration consultants since the year 2011.

What does an ICCRC agent do?
The immigration Consultants of canada Regulatory Council(ICCRC) consists of members who have been appointed by the Government of canada to control the profession of immigration consultancy. This way, consumers get the most reliable services.
With an RCIC(Regulated canadian immigration consultant) agent on your side, you can be assured of positive services. Its because they have been authorized to work as canada immigration agents by the IRCC itself. Since they have been mandated by the IRCC, they enhance your chances of getting a study visa, PR visa or citizenship of canada.

Why should you take the services of an ICCRC agent?
If you want to get the desired results for your immigration application, it’s better to get the visa services with the aid of an RCIC agent. Only he can help you with the correct filing of the immigration application and save your file from errors which can cause its rejection.
If due to errors, you have to apply again, then it’s quite troublesome a lot of time gets wasted in reapplication.
An RCIC agent knows all the rules for the application of an immigration application. Such an agent has dealt with a lot of cases in the past and knows what can be the outcome of your application. He also keeps himself abreast of all the changes happening in the domain of immigration or any other canadian visas.
You can have an easier approval of your visa application if it’s done by RCIC agent. You can send an email to us to get more information about our RCIC agent and cases handled by him in the past.

ICCRC is a canadian supervisory authority that checks the immigration professionals to canada. Authorized to perform in this role by the federal Minister of immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, ICCRC started overlooking the work of immigration consultants since 2011.

The immigration and Refugee Protection Act has mandated that anyone who is providing any kind of consultation in exchange for a fee must be a part of ICCRC. However, those immigration consultants who are members of provincial law societies are exempted from such membership. ICCRC has a law that it will supervise all individuals who provide services for canadian immigration and advisory services for student visas. immigration professionals who live away from canada are also under the supervision of ICCRC.

ICCRC safeguards individuals by:

  1. Having a database of all the immigration professionals
  2. Having a complaints and redressal mechanism
  3. Making sure that action is taken against the illegal representatives of Royal canadian Mounted Police.
  4. Informing the public about using RCICs.