Retail And Wholesale Establishment

About the Retail And Wholesale Establishment

Canada has launched the express entry program that allows skilled labour to migrate to Canada and join the work force there. This program mainly focuses in attracting more migrants to Canada in order to increase the Canadian work force. There are various occupations that are eligible under the express entry program; retail and wholesale trade managers being one of the occupations in the list.

This means that skilled workers like retailers who want to migrate to Canada can do so under the express entry program. There are various other occupations on the list too but this is one such occupation that offers a lot of different job opportunities like in supermarket, readymade showrooms, antique dealing, cattle dealer, bookstore manager and many more.

Work of the retail and wholesale managers

The retail and wholesale managers are employed by retail and wholesale shops or store owners to look after the planning, organizing and selling of stock that is kept in such retail and wholesale establishments.

Examples of retail and wholesale trade managers

  • Bookstore manager
  • Cattle dealer
  • Store manager
  • Supermarket manager
  • Dealer of antiques
  • Clothing store manager
  • Car dealer
  • Assistant manager of retail stores
  • Appliance store manager
  • Assistant department manager
  • Bakery manager
  • Beer store manager
  • Retail branch manager
  • Confectionary department manager
  • Area manager of a retail store
  • Camera store manager
  • Audio equipment store manager
  • Bird seller
  • Electronic products store manager
  • Flower shop manager
  • Food store manager
  • Garden centre manager
  • Flea market manager

The duties performed by the retail and wholesale trade managers

  • They plan and look after the organising of retail and wholesale establishments, also they evaluate their working.
  • Look after the staff, manage and give them duties.
  • Study the trends in order to increase their sales and to deal with their competitors.
  • Fix the pricing of the product and look after the sales.
  • Formulate market strategies.
  • Budgeting of the retail establishment and the stock.
  • Deal with customer complaints.
  • Hire staff if needed.

Eligibility criteria

  • A person should have completed the secondary school of education.
  • A business administration degree or a diploma in business administration.
  • Several years of experience in the retail sector.

The other trades in which a skilled worked can apply for except for the retail and wholesale trade managers through the express entry are:

  • Managers in public administration.
  • Mangers in art, culture, recreation and sport
  • Corporate sales manager
  • Managers in food service and accommodation
  • Managers in transportation
  • Managers in health care
  • Managers in public protection service
  • Managers in financial and business services
  • Managers in natural resources production and fishing
  • Managers in manufacturing

So one can apply in any of the express entry trade occupational list but one should be careful about the eligibility criteria. Express entry is indeed a great way to migrate to Canada for skilled workers.