Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Saskatchewan is a province which has several immigration benefits attached to it. It is a peaceful province with a low population of  1,163,925 situated in the Western part of Canada.

International skilled worker-Occupation in-demand

The candidate can only be eligible under this category if he has the right kind of points which are required. These right kinds of points should not be less than 60. And the points are provided as per the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program point structure.

  • The candidates should also have gotten points for his knowledge of English language which is at least equivalent to CLB 4. It’s not necessary that you will be able to get the immigration approval to this province with this level of score in IELTS, because some employers of this province require a high level of English proficiency.
  • The main point which is quite important for immigration as per this category is that the candidate should have experience in one of the occupations which have a high need for manpower in this province. This experience can be in the native country. There is a specific occupation-in demand list which is applicable to Saskatchewan and all the profiles which comply with codes A, B or 0 are actually, in urgent need of labor force. So with experience of only a year, you can be approved for immigration.
  • As far as the education requirement for this profession is concerned, it should not be less than, at least a diploma after the 12th standard, not less than 1 year in length.
  • The candidates should know that the application threshold for the SINP gets closed quite early every year. So, it’s better that no delay is made for such applications to get approval.

All the above-mentioned conditions are mandatory for anybody who wants to go to this province for permanent settlement.

The applications which are open for the invitation this year are actually 3,300.

International skilled worker-with employment offer

The candidates who can be accepted under this program are, should have employment in this province which is not hard to obtain. It’s again important for the candidate to have the point score of at least 60 to qualify for this stream. Again, there are some conditions which are mandatory:

  • It’s again mandatory to have some experience (minimum of 1 year)to be accepted under this profile.
  • A score of CLB4 is needed which is mandatory to prove that you can easily adjust to the environment of this province where English is commonly used.
  • The job offer should also be in the mandatory categories of A, B, or 0 or in a specific trade. In case, the future employment of a candidate is in a trade, it’s important to have the license to follow the same trade in this province. To show evidence that you have truly gained an employment, be prepared to show a SINP job approval letter.

The candidate just needs 300 CAD to make an application under both these streams. For this stream, the candidate should have, post-secondary education of two years. It’s important to be proved that this education has an equal worth to the Canadian education.