Saskatchewan Immigration Occupational list (August 2017) for Skilled Workers

Saskatchewan Immigration Occupational list (August 2017) for Skilled Workers

Here are few things to know about SINP before getting started with the article. Currently SINP has reopened skilled worker program. Sub category in demand occupation is accepting only twelve hundred applicants. They aim for selecting candidates those are fully skilled in Saskatchewan in-demand occupations.

For knowing more skilled workers new Saskatchewan Immigration Occupational list (August 2017) just keep on reading this article to the end.

SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program)

Only those candidates can apply for SINP who meets all job criteria that will directly go towards your Canada PR VISA dream. In recent updates rural government of Saskatchewan has taken four occupations out and the new demand list of Saskatchewan is going to be updated soon. So, keep on checking it online in order to stay updated.

Eligible candidates who’ll be able to submit their Provincial Nominee Program of Saskatchewan application will get additional six hundred points in Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) as an award. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) doesn’t offer on hand job to the candidates and the number of people who’ll be nominated for this reopening is said to up to six hundred.

Look for the eligibility criteria for applying Saskatchewan OID stream

This is the more important to check all the requirements and eligibility criteria before applying for Saskatchewan OID (Occupation in Demand) stream. There are some lean aspects that candidates must have to meet.

Requirements of Saskatchewan PNP:

  • In SINP factor assessment grid try to score sixty point out of hundred.
  • Need to have one year of experience in the linked occupation.
  • Your rating in language needs to be around four that is your minimal CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark).
  • Show some proof for getting Saskatchewan licensure if your linked occupation falls under obligatory training trade or monitored profession.
  • Offer of Permanent Residency, a full time job in Saskatchewan. For your information there is no such list of job which can be said as specific but you are required to have a job under NOC (National Occupational Classification) with the matrix degree 0, A or B or you’re in accredit trade of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Occupation in-demand

In Saskatchewan district supporting International Skilled Worker category there are many job openings in province’s most desirable occupations. Jobs list is totally based on the skills which Saskatchewan market of labor is facing currently. If you are someone who meets all the educational and requirements also have some experience in work can easily apply for the jobs present in the updated list.

Processing time for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program occupation in-demand

As there are a lot of job occupations and categories present the processing time starts to vary based on it. But usually the eligible candidates get approval by SINP within four months of applying. Also sometime it depends upon nomination profile of registrant.

In case if you are interested in applying for the occupations present in the updated list for working Saskatchewan than you need to extremely informative towards your case and application. Need to have all the important and required documents for processing your application. For the new job occupations in Saskatchewan Immigration Occupational list (August 2017) you can check it on internet.