Nile Migration

Nile Migration

What are the benefits of living on a PR in Canada?

It’s absolutely justified to spend your life in Canada. It’s because once you have gained the PR of this country, you have nothing to regret. However, citizenship is only available, once you have the, completed the residence requirement of 24 months in 5 years.

The country provides so many first-class facilities due to which living here is worth it.

Free Education and healthcare: Since the government takes care of these two sectors in Canada, the immigrants are offered the best of services. The immigrants can make sure that their ailments are treated on time and they get the most sophisticated of services.

The candidates get treatment for medical services which are par excellence and at low rates also. In the case of diseases which require emergency care, its offered too.

So, Canada is the best place for someone to be.

Housing: The housing facilities in Canada are much better than in other nations. So, if you have decided to live in this country, there can be nothing better than it. The country has more space for a single person than any other country. You have the space of 2.6 rooms available for a single person, which implies that the ratio of space per human being is favorable.

The number of Canadians who reside in a home equipped with a toilet with a flush is higher than the average of the OECD countries. The housing costs are not much in this country and they are low, in fact, you would be glad to know that the housing costs are a low part of income here.

Family: The country is now offering the privilege of taking your relatives along one you have got the PR. So, the spouse visa is a way to get your wife to this country.

Possibilities for your children: You will have many benefits through the PR of this country. The universities present in this country are multiple. The school education for children is also free. So, it’s quite cheap to teach children in this country. In public schools, the education is without any costs. However, there are costs such as 5-100 CAD (Rs 259-5100)which have to be paid for the classes of subjects such as art and music. Apart from that, the parents just need to bear the cost of the uniform of their ward. This is the reason Canada is an ideal place for settlement. The school education for students also begins at a later age as compared to India. The students are admitted into schools at the age of 5 or 6.

Since the public schools provide free education here, they are the most preferred choice. These schools provide quality education here, and managing their quality is the duty of school boards. These school boards are accountable to the general public who selects their members.

So, there is every reason, that Canada should be selected by everybody who wants to get a good lifestyle.