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What are the requirements in terms of documents for Canadian tourist visa?

The Canadian tourist visa is attracting, a lot of fame because of so many ideal destinations where you can spend time here.

A tourist visa is given to a candidate for 10 years, and as per this time limit he can visit and leave the country without obtaining any visa. The time of 6 months, is allowed to a candidate to stay here on this visa. The country of Canada has perfect reasons for somebody to be here, one of which is getting together with your relatives who are living here.

This country also has the landscape which allows you to enjoy to the hilt which includes kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing and mountain biking. The candidates can choose Canada as the perfect destination for their honeymoon.

  • The candidate should have the perfect documents which can make him eligible for this visa. The candidate should be able to provide a passport which makes them appropriate for getting this visa.

  • The candidate should have enough documents to substantiate, his desire to return back to his hometown. This desire should be expressed through the proper kind of papers. For example, the candidate should have the documents like his house ownership papers and the proof of admission for his kids in school.

  • The candidate should also have bank statements to show that he has a lot of funds with him. This will help him know, that the candidate will not be short of sustenance money for his expenses.

  • Another document which is needed is the evidence for residence, in Canada.
  • If a relative is sponsoring you, it’s better to have, a letter of invitation to prove this type of sponsorship.

The Canada government is rigid about the, granting of the Canadian tourist visa. It’s not necessary that a candidate is always given this visa which allows him/her multiple entries. Sometimes, this visa can also be given to the candidate to go to Canada for a single time also.

The candidate can get a visa for only one-time entry to Canada once:

  • You are a foreign diplomat who wants to come to Canada for official purposes
  • There is some sort of an annual event getting held in Canada

If a candidate is allowed multiple entries and he has traveled to Canada for 6 months, on this specific visa, he has to exit Canada to get to this country again, on this visa.

The candidate should know that the port of entry officer is responsible for deciding whether your visa will be given to you for another 6 months. It’s better, that your visa is extended if you have not been given it for 6 months.

For the tourist visa extension to Canada for 6 months, you need these documents:

  • The candidate should have enough support for his stay in Canada in terms of funds.
  • You should present a photocopy of the concerned passport which shows, the visa stamp which was imprinted, on it.

The candidate does not have to submit the fees for this visa. Apart from, that, he has to provide a form which is concerning the Restoration of temporary resident status as a visitor. This includes a requirement of 200 CAD only.