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What Happens If My Permanent Resident Card Expires While I Am Outside Canada?

Almost every year many people migrate to a foreign country in search for job opportunities or to start a new life there. Now it is not an easy decision as to which foreign nation you want to spend the rest of your life. Proper planning is required at every stage to make sure that the decision which you have taken will have a positive impact in the near future.

One of the most preferred country for, in the recent years, for migration purpose is the nation of Canada. The ever growing opportunities and fine lifestyle offered by this country has made it one of the favorites of majority of the population spreader across the globe. Due to the convenient procedures for getting enrolled in the visa program for Canada, people find it usually very suitable to apply for the same.

One of the basic question that strikes the mind of the applicants is what will happen if their permanent resident card for Canada gets expired while they are not in the country. What are the procedures that needs to be followed in order to get the Canada permanent residence visa renewed?

Why is it necessary to safe keep PR card for Canada?

The applicants or permanent residence of Canada that holds a PR card needs to maintain it properly as it is obligatory for getting entry in the country. If by any chance the PR card gets misplaced then the applicant can face a lot of trouble to get back to their families. When the visa immigration Canada officer issue you a permanent residence card then along with it they will also mention the time period for which the card is valid.

It becomes your responsibility to make sure that you get your PR card renewed before it gets expired. The applicant can take the help of various online websites that offers their clients specific services relating to this area.

What does Express Entry system mean?

Express Entry system is basically a selection process through which the Canadian government selects only those candidates or applicants, belonging to a foreign nation, who according to them can contribute to the overall development and growth of the economy of Canada. The process of Canada immigration express entrysystem is designed in such a way that all the applications gets processed in just a matter of time.

The interested applicants have to submit some essential documents to the concerned authorities which will then be verified thoroughly. Once the officers are convinced about the application they will proceed the documents to various small scale organizations.

Steps involved in Express Entry System:

  • The applicant who wants to apply for the Express Entry system needs to create a profile on the official website. You need to mention certain credentials like name, age, qualification, etc. Every year a lot of applications are received by the government of Canada.
  • The selectors will assess your profile and accordingly move your file forward.
  • Once your application gets selected by any organization, you will be sent an invitation to apply for the job.

Apply for the PR visa program and Express Entry system to make the most out of the present opportunities.