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What Is A Step By Step Procedure For Canada Express Entry?

The country is the first preference of a majority of people when it comes to searching employment opportunities. It is also a prime tourist destination that welcomes millions of people per year from all over the globe. There are a lot of opportunities in the country and one can easily find a job there.

This can be considered as a reason for the increasing immigrant population in Canada. If you are not a local resident and wish to get settled there along with a proper job, then there is something that you need to know. Before entering into a country, the first and foremost thing that is needed is a visa. It acts as a grant or permit that allows people to visit places. The Canada express entry visa services can be of great help for people looking out for a way to get settled permanently in Canada.

Checking eligibility criteria

Applying for immigration Canada express entry will be easier if you approach towards it in a step-wise manner. Finishing each step successfully will take you closer to the application process. Here in this article, you can find about all the things that you need to do in order to get a visa for your trip. The first step in the process is to check if you are eligible to apply or not. This can be found out by referring to the eligibility list that can be easily found on the official site. Once you fit in all the requirements stated in it, you are ready for the next level. There are three types of programs under the express entry visa-

  • Experience Class Entry
  • Skilled Worker (Federal)
  • Skilled Trades (Federal)

Select the program according to the purpose of your visit and read a bit about the things needed from your side.

Creating a profile

The next step is to create a profile on the Canada express entry visa services site. As you register there, you will find a form that is needed to be filled by you within 60 days. It contains certain fields that are created in order to obtain the details about the applicant. Some of the mandatory fields include-

  • Education- The academic qualifications and professional degrees held by the candidate.
  • Skills- The talent that a person possesses other than the educational qualifications.
  • Language ability- Verbal proficiency in some specific languages, generally English and French.
  • Working experience- The past experience in an industry or organization.
  • Other details- Other information about the applicant like age, residence, nationality etc.

Waiting for invitation

Once you have filled the form completely, you will receive a notification that your form has been submitted to the application pool. All the applications received under the express entry program are collected at one place. The marks for each received form are calculated according the information filled in it. The applicant of the highest scoring form is then invited to apply for the visa. So if you complete all the steps properly, you can easily get a visa for your trip.