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When we can apply for PR in Canada?

Its necessary that a person assesses all his chances of successfully immigrating to this country.

Canada immigration is one of the most craved for choices for immigration of citizens from all over the world. Canada permanent resident visa is a simple procedure, provided you are ready to make efforts through the right resources. Going to reside forever in the maple leaf country can completely alter your life provided you know how to do so.

At Nile Migration, we provide you with inescapable guidance to be able to immigrate to Canada.

The candidates are told how they are eligible to apply, under which immigration stream of Canada PR visa. The candidates can apply either for the federal skilled worker stream if their education is high or they have already received an employment opportunity in Canadaon the basis of this education.The educational credential assessment is itself a costly procedure with CAD 200 required to get a degree assessed. However, your university has to send all the attested mark sheets in a sealed envelope to WES for assessment.

Apart from that, a valid candidate should also have the job bank registration so that employers from all over Canada can get in touch with him. This is only possible once he has appeared for the IELTS exam and able to get the threshold score of 7 in every band of English.

Under the 2nd category of Canada express entry, a  candidate is valid to get the Canada PR Visa, provided he has enough work experience in this land.

So, the ideal time for application for the Canada permanent resident visa is when you have adequate experience of work in your homeland or in Canada.

The educational credential assessment is a mandatory process for those who are looking to get the Canada PR visa under the Federal skilled worker category. This procedure is necessary so that the candidate is able to prove to the Canadian government the worth of his education gained in India or anywhere else except Canada. Since the education of a Canada PR visa candidate carries points for approval under FSW, he should have it assessed.

The Express Entry points are always assigned to the highest educational degree which is held by a candidate.

This educational assessment is also necessary under the situation when your spouse is coming along with you on a Canada permanent residence visa. The educational credential assessment results are valid for a period of 5 years and can be used until that time period, for filing your express entry application.

A large chunk of the population in the world is now preferring Canada because it’s one of the countries with an enviable standard of living and has been acknowledged by the UN for the same. Canada has amalgamated so many Asians in its population. The most coveted fact about living in Canada is its extremely low population of 35 million which makes it so desirable to get a Canada permanent resident visa.