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Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Points Calculator – A Canada Point System Calculator

CRS is the term used for a ranking system, which is used for ranking the profiles in the express pool. For the ranking purpose, points are awarded to the applicant depending on the credentials submitted by them as well as other major factors. Here’s a look at the factors on which the points are given in the CRS calculator.
  • Core human capital factors
  • Spouse/common-law partner factors
  • Skill transferability factors
  • Additional points

The CRS system awards points out of a total score of 1200 points. The Core human capital+ spouse/ common-law partner+ skill transferability factors awards with 600 points, and the rest of the points are rewarded by Additional Points. You can check eligibility with the help of CRS score calculator

The latest CRS score for Canada PR visa

The latest minimum Canada PR score is 452 points. The express profile that earns 452 points or more can apply for a Canada PR visa. The Canada score calculator helps the candidate in checking the express entry point score for Canada immigration. 

Disclaimer- The purpose of CRS calculator is for reference and general guidance. If there will be any discrepancies between the results of the tool and that provided by the Express Entry electronic system, then according to the provisions of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations and Minister’s Instructions issued under IRPA s.10.3, the result provided by the electronic system will govern. CRS calculator is subjected to changes from time to time in accordance with Ministerial Instruction governing Express Entry Program.

Canada Immigration Point Calculator


You can use this tool if:

  • You are eligible for at least one of the express entry programs.

  • If you have not registered for the express entry program and wish to know your CRS score.

  • If you wish to apply for a PR visa and you wish to check if changes in the express profile can affect the CRS score. 

  • If you wish to verify whether your CRS score is above the minimum required points, which you need for the latest round of invitation.

Maximum points awarded in case you are moving without spouse/ common-law partner

The below mentioned table will show you how maximum points are given to the respective factors for candidates moving to Canada:


Maximum points rewarded in case you are moving with spouse/common-law partner

The candidate who is moving to Canada with their spouse/common-law partner is awarded points based on the following factors as shown in the table:


How CRS calculator Canada works in express entry 2020?

The below mentioned table will show how the points are rewarded based on certain factors. Depending on these factors, one can calculate CRS score for immigrating to Canada in 2020. 

  1. Core/ Human capital factors


  1. Spouse/ Common-law partner factors


  1. Skill transferability factors


  1. Additional points factors


In the Canada immigration calculator, the grand total of all these factors comes to 1200 points. 

How are points rewarded for core/ human capital factors in the CRS tool?



Level of education


Language Proficiency

  • For the first official language


  • For second official language


Canadian work experience


Tips to improve the CRS score for Canadian Visa

Many immigrants find it difficult to clear the CRS score cut-offs. For all of them, it is important to improve their score. Here’s a look at some factors which can help in increasing the CSR score and apply for Canada PR visa:

  • Higher education

Education is an important factor in the calculation of the CRS score. If you have high-level education such as Doctor, it can help in scoring 140 points. 

  • Proficiency in the French language

If the candidate is proficient in French apart from English, this can add to some extra points. They need to select French as their second official language and take the test for scoring CRS points. 

  • Sibling in Canada

If the applicant has a sibling in Canada as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, it can help in getting extra points. 

  • Retake the language test

The CRS points are given to the candidate when they prove their proficiency in the English language. The candidates need to take the IELTS test. If they improve their IELTS score, they will earn more points. 

  • Get more work experience

Under this category, points are rewarded for more work experience that you gather. If the applicant has less than 3 years of experience, they can continue to get more experience. 

  • Get a provincial nomination certificate

This is the most beneficial way of improving the CRS score. For the express entry candidate, it gives them 600 CRS points. 

  • Spouse- primary applicant

People who are applying for Canada PR Visa with their spouse, and if they have a high CRS score than the candidate, the spouse should be made the primary applicant when submitting the application. 

  • LMIA approved job- offer

If the applicant gets a labour market impact assessment approved job-offer, it can help the candidate in getting extra 50 CRS points. In fact, previously, it was 600 CRS points, but now it has reduced to 50 points. 

Once the candidate improves the score of above-mentioned factors, they can calculate the CRS score using the latest Canada express entry point calculator.

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