Find the Best Immigration Consultant in Delhi NCR

Australia PR is a complicated process and every consultant may not have, knowledge about the same. So, it’s better to read customer testimonials about consultancies to know about their expertise in this process. As it is, applying for the Australia PR is quite expensive also. It costs AUD 3,670 fees from the main applicant’s side. Any good consultancy will like to know the reason why you are opting for Australia immigration. Apart from that, a consultancy is likely to be registered with OMARA(Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority) also. This organization is regulated by Department of Immigration and Border Protection, itself to make sure that the candidates get the truthful advice from such agents.

You should also do some research about the process of the Australia PR itself so that you can get to know whether you are getting guided rightly or  not. You should make sure before taking the help of any visa consultancy whether its providing all the services required, which include an evaluation of your application, provision of expression of interest, complete help in filing the documentation and in case the visa gets refused, reimbursement of the money spent. It also helps you in drafting a proper cover letter so that you are able to impress employers with it.

It takes you in complete confidence while filing your visa application.

If you ask for it’s customers numbers, a consultancy should be gladly able to provide them to you. Checking with other customers will let you know what the response of this consultancy is when it comes to follow-up. Some consultancies refuse to take your calls when the application has been filed and you don’t get an invitation to apply. So, inquire about consultancies like Visas Avenue before investing money with them.

A good case manager is always there to let you know about any issues like what if your IELTS score does not meet the expectations. They would immediately ask you to apply for it again.

You would also be told about why a certain exam is needed. Nile Migration which is the best immigration visa agents in Delhi/NCR excels in immigration and its case managers explain every detail of the process to the customers before taking money from them for anything.

If you are not satisfied with the reviews, go to so many consultants at once and ask for their process. This will let you know, whether you have bargained for the right price. Sometimes, you get complete knowledge about the process also via such efforts. All your worries about immigration are handled by a good immigration consultant who also saves you from the danger of investing money in a wrong immigration visa.

The counselors of Nile Migration are the best immigration consultants in Delhi/NCR who know all the details of the Australia PR and which professions have been removed from the list. For example, the coveted profile of the Beauty salon manager is no longer applicable for the permanent residence visa and one can get Australia PR on this visa if he has been sponsored for the same by an employer.