Nile Migration

Nile Migration

Immigration to Prince Edward island

Prince Edward Island is a stunning place for someone to spend to live. Fortunately, its also simple to get the permanent residency of this place.

Prince Edward island-labour market impact category  has two streams: Inside of PEI and Outside of PEI

Inside of PEI stream

  • Under this Skilled Worker stream, those candidates are eligible to apply who are already holding a job in this province. So, they are already existing in this province at the moment of PNP visa application. This job must be likely to continue for another two years or for a long term. The job should be in the streams of A, B or 0 categories of Canadian jobs as per the NOC.
  • The candidate once he has a legitimate job offer in this province is supposed to provide an Expression of Interest.
  • The candidate if he is already in employment in this province should have a work permit. The immigration candidate should not have gotten older than 60 years.
  • He should have an education of 2 years after 12th He should have his age listed between 21-59.

The other conditions which are mandatorily required by a candidate are:

  • He should also have 2 years of work experience in the last half of a decade. This work experience should be in a regular job and not part time.
  • Now, talking about the English language abilities of the candidate. He can have proficiency in either English or French, whichever language he considers easier for him. He can also prove expertise in both the languages, depending on his urge to increase his probability for receiving nomination by getting higher Express Entry points.

Outside of PEI stream-Those who are not inhabiting Prince Edward Island

It’s important to understand that these candidates might not be living in Prince Edward island. Still, they are eligible to create applications for PNP in this province. The  conditions as per which a candidate becomes apt to apply are:

  • The candidate should have the right kind of work experience which is necessary for him to get an employment proposal of two years or more in this province. So, this work experience should not be less than 2 years.
  • Again, the condition is that an employee has the proposal of employment in the three NOC categories of A, 0 and B.
  • The candidate should have confirmed language abilities of CLB 4 in English or NCLC 4 IN French.
  • Since the province of Prince Edward Island desires candidates who are, going to add to the growth in this province, they don’t desire anybody who is 60 years old or more.
  • The candidate should also have a diploma of 2 years after his high school education.

All these requirements make sure that a candidate gets the eligibility to immigrate to Prince Edward Island. This is a island located in the vicinity of North America and does not have much area and can actually, residing here, provides you a sense of well being and freedom because you are far away from the population. This province only has a population of 1.46 lakhs, so its very serene here.