Manitoba is One of the Most flourishing provinces to one everyone aspires to Go

The candidate should be of the right age which is necessary because the province desires someone who is able to increase the growth of this province. First of all, the candidate should be young which clearly implies his age should not go beyond 49. At the age of 50 the candidate does not get any preference from the government.

Secondly, for the reason of being any use to the province, its important that apart from being lucrative, the candidate should have the proper type of attributes which include education, and knowledge of the language of English. The candidate should get a nice score in IELTS which should be a minimum of CLB 4 in IELTS.

To be invited for immigration as per the needs of this stream, a candidate should have scored 60 points for factors consisting of age, academic criteria, experience, education/experience/familial ties in Manitoba and level of skills in English.

Skilled worker overseas

Connection to Manitoba

This category recognizes all those, who have either acquired the education in this province or have work experience here(Manitoba experience) or have a relative(Manitoba support) living here. The relative can be a close one or not so close one. The Manitoba government even gives credits in terms of points if you have friends living here.

He should have a relative or a good friend who should be a resident of this province. This way, a candidate becomes eligible to get excellent points(10 or 20) as the Manitoba point structure for his immigration here. The residency requirement requires  that the relative should have been there in this province for one year before extending his support for the PR of his relative. The candidate should have his family members which include parents, grandparents, and siblings.  However, a child cannot sponsor his own parents to come to this province as per this scheme.

This category of “connection to Manitoba” also selects those who have half a year experience in this province or more(12 points). The candidate gets more qualified for immigration, once his experience increases.

Its important for this stream to succeed, that the applicant should try to score the best of points. The candidate can get points for many factors which are described below:

  • Age: As already mentioned the candidate should not be 50 and above.
  • Education: The education includes at least a 1 year post secondary diploma done after passing out of high school. Without this you are not eligible to immigrate. This diploma can be trade certificate also.
  • Experience : The candidate must have work experience of 1 year in his native country, otherwise he is not eligible to immigrate.
  • How well English is known: Without a score of CLB 4, the candidate has no reason for being selected for immigration.

Negative points-These points can be given to you once you have gained an education in any other Canadian province or have lived there or studied there