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Newzealand Immigration

Permanent Residency

A person who has been issued a permanent resident visa is allowed to reside and work indefinitely in New Zealand. This visa apparently gives them…

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Silver Fern Visa

Now that you have thought of working and living in New Zealand you need to see which visa allows you to do that. You can…

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Work Visa

Now that you have become an expert in your domain you have decided to work abroad. You need to carefully scrutinize and short list the…

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Migrant Investment Visa

You have lived in your parent country for almost half your life when you get an opportunity to re-locate to a country that offers a…

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Partner Visa

You started to talk to a New Zealand Citizen or resident and began to like him/her. In no time the both of you began to…

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Visitor Visa

So you decided to take a vacation in New Zealand this year. In order to visit New Zealand as a visitor or a tourist one…

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