New Brunswick immigrant Nominee Program

The New Brunswick immigrant nominee program is an amazing chance for people who want the PR in this region. This program aims to get talented people here including graduates, and skilled workers who have received employer nomination. The New Brunswick consists of New Brunswick Labor Market steam which attracts qualified and strong individuals through this program. Let’s get to know who all are eligible through this program:

Skilled workers with employer support: Its an immigration program as per which the candidate should have already received employment in this province and must have been working here.

The candidate should comply with the following conditions:

  • He should not be senior than 55 years
  • He should prove to have good English knowledge levels without which he cant be selected for immigration. His test results in IELTS (general training test)should be as recent as two years.
  • The candidate should have a diploma in high school education.
  • At the time of applying for immigration to this region, the candidate should be having employment from a company of this region which has been in existence for one year. The existing or the proposed employment for the candidate should be permanent.
  • As per these kinds of employment, the candidate should not be receiving any concession when it’s relating to the number of hours for which he is supposed to work. These should be equivalent to the same devoted by the New Brunswick employees working in the same profile as him.
  • There are also other skill types apart from the skill codes of 0, A and B in which an employee is valid to receive immigration if he is employed in any one of them. There are the certain occupations which are included in the skill code” C”. Apart from that, being a part of the certain occupations from the skill code” D “also make an employee suitable for immigration to New Brunswick.
  • If a candidate is making his immigration application under the skill codes of C and D, he needs to prove that he has as good English as that proved by CLB 4 scores in IELTS.
  • For all the selection factors like age, English fluency, education, work experience, a candidate needs to have 50 points to be able to get the nomination certificate from this province. Apart from all these points, employment or education in this province facilitates his immigration. If a candidate has worked in this province for 2 years, he is likely to get 15 points. As far as any points received for education are concerned, they are, 10 provided you have done a 2-year diploma from this region after 12th.

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