Newfoundland and Labrador Immigrant Nominee Program

Newfoundland and Labrador is a small province which is located in the east of Canada.  It has a low population of 5.26,702 due to which its easier to make this place your abode. There are specific ways which you need to follow to become appropriate as per the Provincial Nominee Program which governs immigration here:

The candidates can avail the benefits of immigration as per the following Newfoundland and Labrador provincial nominee programs(NLPNP):

The province welcomes both highly qualified people and those with extraordinary education as per its PNP program.

Skilled Workers: For this immigration, stream to be applicable to you, it’s better to have employment in this region. This employment can be current or prospective.

  • The candidate who is applying because of a job offer should know that this job offer should not be of less than 1 year in duration.
  • The candidate if he is already working in this province should have a work permit. This permit should not elapse within the next 6 months.

International graduates: For candidates to be approved as per this stream, it’s important that they should have done their studies from Canada. This is not supposed to be mandatorily a degree program but can be a diploma also; the only condition is that it should be a 2-year program.

In case you don’t have this much education in Canada, you can also be approved if you have a 1-year diploma from this country apart from having a graduation degree from your own country. This education must have been pursued from an institute which is located in Newfoundland and Labrador. In case it’s not and the education is taken from some other Canadian province, the candidate needs to be in a job in Newfoundland and Labrador for one year after finishing such an education. The candidate should necessarily have secured work in this country.

So, due to the completion of their education in Canada, in this province, the candidates are eligible to get a post-graduation work permit which makes them applicable for this PNP application. This kind of work permit entitles you to apply under the International Graduate stream, otherwise with a job offer and no post-graduation work permit, its mandatory to apply under the Skilled Workers stream.

List of documents needed for the  NLPNP:

  • The letter of employment which should include all the details added by your would-be employer.
  • A candidate should include all the documents which let the authorities know how much is the value of his fixed assets including his house, vehicle and the funds in the bank.
  • The PNP application form which is IMM 0008 and a declaration form about your family background which is IMM 5669. This form lets you add details about what is the size of your family including your wife, parents, and any children who are more than 18 in age.

If there is someone who is not even an adult i.e. his or her age is not more than  18 and is coming to this province, form 5406 should be filled for him/her.