Migrant Investment Visa

Migrant Investment Visa

You have lived in your parent country for almost half your life when you get an opportunity to re-locate to a country that offers a great life, comfort, safe and secure environment. After checking all the possible countries where you want to start your new life you picked New Zealand. As a businessman you would like to set up a base there. Migrant investment Visa is one that allows you to live as well as settle in New Zealand. You can nominate assets to invest and/ or mix of funds. An Expression of Interest needs to be filled after earning the points based on the evaluation process.

Eligibility Criteria

This category has been specially formulated to aid in the economic growth by luring business expertise as well as smart capital. This enables qualified business people to establish or buy businesses here.

There are two categories for this visa 

  1. The Investor Plus Visa (Investor 1 Category)
  2. The Investor Visa (Investor 2 Category)

Let’s take a look at the eligibility criteria for Investor Plus Visa (Investor 1 Category)

  • Investment – The applicant needs to invest a minimum of NZ$10 Million for three years in New Zealand
  • Time spent in New Zealand – The individual should spend 44 days in New Zealand in all of the last two years in the investment period of three years
  • Character and Health – The candidate should possess a sound character and good health.

Let’s take a look at the eligibility criteria for Investor Visa (Investor 2 Category)

  • Investment – The aspirants need to invest a minimum of NZ$ 1.5 Million for four years in New Zealand
  • Age – The candidate must be 65 years or younger
  • Experience – The applicant must have at least three years of expertise
  • Language Ability – The visa seeker must be competent in English or score 3+ in International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Settlement Funds – The person should possess a minimum of NZ$1 Million
  • Time spent in New Zealand – The individual should have stayed for 146 days in New Zealand in each of the last three years of the four year investment period

Evidence needs to be provided regarding your investment and settlement funds and/or assets. The documents need to prove that they are owned by you or jointly by you and your dependent children and or partner.

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