New Zealand Investor Visa

Knowing The Facts About New Zealand Investor Visa

If your entrepreneur spirit is poking you constantly to start something new and invest in a secure environment also gaining a permanent residence, then the New Zealand Government has their special schemes in shape of Visas. There are two Visas presently serving purposes. The first kind of Visa primarily is meant for capitalists. The Investor Visa will be permitting you secure investment for specific period which won’t be exceeding 4 years in private firms. With NZ$ 10m and 1.5m equity eligibility for permanent residence can be secured. Secondly, there is Entrepreneur Visa, which is meant for budding entrepreneurs. This Visa will get you permanent residency permitting you to purchase or make an investment for maximum 2 years. Here you have to invest NZ$ 500,000 and within 6 months you will be gaining permanent residence or you may go on investing NZ$ 100,000 where working capital is excluded, in that way you will be gaining residence within 2 years.

New Zealand Investor Visa

What Benefits New Zealand Investor visa offers

Using this particular visa one can easily work in New Zealand, live and study in this country without undergoing any stress. You don’t have to live alone as you can be with your partner or if you are having children who are under the age group of 24 and they are dependent upon you. You can have them along with you as this VISA facilitates this opportunity.

Eligibility For New Zealand Investor Visa Category 1

  • Now this category has a stipulation where you have to make an investment worth NZ$ 10 million in order to have New Zealand residence.
  • This category demands you and your partner to have assets and funds completely owned by you.
  • There should not be any creditor claims and through the New Zealand banking system the funds should be transferred. The assets should never be unethically owned rather it has to be owned and acquired legally and justly.
  • Right after the Visa Approval, the funds are required to be transferred and invested right before the Visa Approval. You should be retaining the invested funds for at least four years and the investment period has to be three years.
  • You need to meet all the health criteria also meet the character requirements.
  • You should also be demonstrating your English skills and to demonstrate that, you have to go through IELTS three bands and if you are looking for some other means, well, some approved screening means are also available.

Eligibility For New Zealand Investor Visa Category 2

  • Under this category there are 300 places prearranged. In order to gain New Zealand Investor Visa the applicant age should be below 65 years.
  • Through EOI the invitation should be made towards you and on your end you must have minimum three years of work experience.
  • You should be having assets and funds of worth NZ$ 1.5 million also the settlement assets have to be not less than NZ$ 1 million.
  • The funds and assets mentioned must be your own.
  • Now the assets should never on mortgage, or subjected to any charge, or lien, the bottom line is there must never be any creditor claims.

There are other key parameters which are out and out identical to the Category 1 of New Zealand Investor Visa.

So, are you ready to get a New Zealand Investor Visa ?!

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