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Work Visa For New Zealand

Work Visa For New Zealand

Now that you have become an expert in your domain you have decided to work abroad. You need to carefully scrutinize and short list the countries that welcome young talent. An English speaking country like New Zealand welcomes professionals in the industries where there is shortage of skilled workers.

The length of the visa depends on the labor market conditions as well as the term of the job offered to the applicant. New Zealand issues different types of temporary work visas that allow you to live and work here. However, some can direct the visa holder to apply for residence.

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Let’s take a look at the wide range of work visas and their requirements:

Skill Migrant Category – It is a point based system where age, work experience, educational qualification and an offer from a skilled employer are awarded. The applicant should be aged 55 and meet the health, character as well as language criteria.

Residence for Work Category – The individual qualifies for residence status under the Residence from Work Category once he/ she has lived in New Zealand for two years on a Work to Residence (Talent) visa.

Essential Skills Work Visas – The applicant can file for this visa if a job is offered to them for an occupation on one of the skill shortage list and the educational credentials and work experience match. However, if your job does not fall in the skill shortage list your employer has to will provide supporting information demonstrate that they tried to recruit New Zealanders first prior to offering you the job. This visa allows the person to stay in New Zealand based on the term of your job offer and labor market conditions.

Work Visa For New Zealand

Working Holiday Visa – This visa is offered to young professionals usually aged 18-30, but for a select few countries the age can range from 18-35. The individual usually visits New Zealand on a holiday and can work if he/ she is a resident of the countries listed under this scheme. This visa allows the applicant to work as well as travel in New Zealand for up to 12 months, or if you are from United Kingdom for 23 months. The aspirant needs to possess a return ticket and be able to support themselves.

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