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Sponsored Temporary Parent Visa - Subclass 870

The subclass 870, new temporary parent visa got opened for application submission on April 17th, 2019.

What is the difference between this temporary parent visa and any other parent visa?

Parents can temporarily stay in Australia on the 870 visa for a period of 3 years or 5 years without departing Australia. 

Different than any other parent visa, this temporary sponsored parent visa saves parents from the requirement of fulfilling the rule of Balance of Family. However, it is still necessary for the parent to have a biological child, stepchild or adoptive child living in Australia as a citizen or a permanent resident. If a parent’s child is eligible for the citizenship of New Zealand, then, the parent also becomes eligible for applying for this visa. 

Before a parent can apply for the 870 visa, the child has to prove his or her eligibility for sponsorship. The sponsorship evaluation involves the demonstration of a minimum household earning and police checks. 

This 870 visa doesn’t include any work rights, which is why the applicants need to present proof in front of authorities assuring the presence of sufficient funds in order to stay comfortably in Australia for the defined time period.

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Can this temporary parent visa help to acquire permanent residency?

With a Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa – 870, you can’t apply for permanent residency in Australia. Parents eligible for this visa can spend time in Australia up to 10 years maximum. There is no restriction associated with the maximum or minimum age of parents who apply for the 870 visa.

If your end goal is permanent residency in Australia, then, you should choose some other parent visa for the process. However, if your parent PR visa is under process, you can acquire the 870 visa to spend time onshore for the time being. 

A piece of important information regarding the visitor visa concession, which is about allowing longer staying period for parents of children who are permanent residents or citizens in Australia- This concession is not available anymore. 

The number of applications accepted for the 870 visa is limited. The fixed number is 15,000 every year. After accepting 15,000 applications, the authorities put a cap on it until the next year’s July month.

The structure of 870 temporary parent visa fee

When applying for this visa for a maximum period of 3 years, you need to submit the application fee of $5,000. The fee required for the application of a visa for a maximum period of 5 years is $10,000. There is no clarification by the authorities whether this fee amount is according to per couple or per applicant. The submission of this application fee has to take place in 2 installments. The first installment goes with your application and the second installment before the 870 visa grant. 

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