Questions Regarding The Application Fees

Answering All Questions Regarding the Application Fees

1. Are you required to pay any application fees for State nomination?

The Immigration SA has been charging the application fees for the skilled and business nominations since the 10th June 2015.

2. What does the application fee required for?

At the time of Application submission, the State nomination application fee is the amount that you need to pay in Australian dollars.

3.  Do I have to pay twice if I submit two applications?

The application fee submission is required every time you submit an application.

4. What is the payment procedure for the fee?

You are required to pay the fee at the time of the application submission using your credit card.

5. What is the fee amount of application?

Please insert box of application fees

6. Are there any other alternatives to paying the fee?

The credit card method is the only way to pay the fee online. Also, you need to have the VISA or a MasterCard to make the payments. For the processing cost, you are charged by 2.92% as well.

7. Is it possible to get the application fee back?

The application fee is non-refundable. It is the charge that asked by the immigration authorities for the acceptance of your application.

8. Who can help if the fee payment present issues?

If you have any trouble during the fee payment, you can contact the Immigration SA on the 8303 2367. Or contact through the email at [email protected].

9. How to confirm the successful fee payment and the application submission?

An email confirmation is provided telling you about the successful submission of the application. Also, you can go to the “My application” page and get the invoice via the email.

10. How to ensure that I have paid the fee only once?

You can go to the “My application” page and choose the receipt/invoice option. If you find more than one receipts, then, it means that you have made the payments more than once. To resolve the confusion, you need to contact the Immigration SA.

11. Can I submit additional documents without paying a new fee?

It is a must that you submit all the documents at the time of application submission. Additional documents are not accepted. If you want to add new documents, then, you need to submit a new application and pay the fee again.

12. What other places ask for the nomination application fees?

The ACT, WA, NSW and Queensland are one of those that ask for nomination fees along with South Australia.