Relative Visa Subclass – 835/115

Get Acknowledged To Remaining Relative Visa Subclass 835/115  

Remaining Relative Visa Subclass 835/115 is for the persons whose solitary relative is either a permanent resident or eligible citizen of Australia or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.

Requirement for the Remaining Relative Visa 

One can apply for the visa if the

  • Applicants or their partner’s solitary close relatives live and work in Australia.
  • Applicant must be residing in Australia while the application for the visa is lodged as well as when the application is granted.
  • Applicants and their family members get the sponsorship from the eligible and lawful close relative or relative’s partner.

Applicants can include these people in their visa applications at the time of applying:

  • Their partner
  • Their child or step-child or their partner’s child or step-child.
  • Applicants can receive assurance of support from somebody.
  • The applicants and their family members meet the required moral as well as health conduct.
  • Applicant or partner of the applicant doesn’t have any other close relative other than the sponsor of the visa.

Benefits provided by the Remaining Relative Visa 

If you has been grated for this visa, you can take several benefits from it such as

  • It will permit you to reside in Australia for an indefinite period.
  • It will permit you to get citizenship in Australia after you fulfil the necessary criteria.
  • It will permit you to travel back and forth for 5 years (visa granting period) that can also be expended if you meet the obligatory criteria.

Cost required for the visa 

The base application charge required for Remaining Relative Visa Subclass 835/115 is $2370 and for additional applicants, the charge for persons above 18 years of age is $1185 and for persons below the age of 18 is $595. Apart from these expenses, you are required to expand money on police verification, medical assessments and further documentation.

Who can sponsor for the visa 

An applicant requires being sponsored by a lawful and eligible sponsor. The sponsors of the applicant must be their sister, brother, parents or any step-equivalent or partner of the relative, who is lawfully settled and regularly the resident in Australia as well as they should be one amongst the given category

  • The lawful citizen of Australia
  • The lawful and eligible permanent resident of Australia or
  • The eligible citizen of New Zealand

The Remaining Relative Subclass 115 visa is the offshore visa, so it must be lodged for as well as accepted offshore. On the other hand, the Remaining Relative Subclass 835 visa is the onshore visa, so to apply this visa applicant must be residing in Australia while holding a substantive visa that allows them to craft a further application.