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You get the documentation information from us, which makes it easy for you to apply for Canada and Australia.

Post landing services

Once you are in these countries, since you don’t know anyone and can face problems. Therefore, the team of Nile Migration is there to assist you with everything so that you don’t feel alone. You are informed about the routes to various places and how to roam around various places. So, even though we are not with you in the country of immigration, you still feel comfortable with our support lent to you.

The gamut of our post landing services varies from:

Arranging someone to pick you up from the airport:

You can be picked by us from the airport and then sent to your desired destination.

Pre-departure sessions:

We hold pre-departure sessions with you completely preparing you for your trip abroad. This way, you get to know-how is the weather of your immigration destination, the best places to eat Indian food and how to search for jobs..

Help for you to arrange for your cards:

Once you are in Canada you need a social insurance number. We let you know how you can get the social insurance number. You need to provide all the documents at a service Canada office. You can get the SIN in your first visit only. You can locate a Service Canada Office online by entering your address and finding the office located nearest. So, in spite of doing all this, you are not able to get a social insurance number, we are there to assist you..

Assistance for finding a rental place

Initially, you can go on rent. Afterward, you can buy a place of your own in your country of immigration. We are there to assist you at all stages.

Help in getting a credit card

We also provide help to you in how to initialize a bank account and get a credit card

CV drafting services

A CV and cover letter are required at the initial stage to appeal to the best of employers. After the resume, the skill tests let the employers know how suitableyou are for the job. At Nile Migration, one of the free services is the preparation of the resume. They help in writing the resume so that there is an instant selection of the visa aspirant for the job. Our research and development team works hard to make sure all the foreign employers are impressed with your resume. This way you can be easily considered for a job in the country of immigration.Our research and development team also selects the best of jobs for you, so youare picked up suitably. They match your skills with the jobs available in the market. Our team is also aware of the needs of foreign employers. Therefore, your cover letter indicates your strengths and weaknesses according to their needs. Appearing for an interview with a foreign employer is no easy task and our research and development team you excel in that.

We make sure that the following points are adhered to while designing your cover letter:
  • The cover letter is precise
  • It mentions the NOC code or the ANZSCO code for which you are applying

Resume drafting

This is done so that the resume captivates the attention of the employer. The resume has to be small and is of 1-2 pages only. It must indicate the job duties also. All the skills of the visa aspirant are a part of the resume. We also advertise your resumes in different mediums popular in countries of immigration

Helping with IELTS(language training)

IELTS is recognized as a test all over the world for different purposes such as immigration and international education. Most of the universities in Canada require this score to adjudge whether a candidate is suitable for admission here or not. IELTS has the 4 modules of writing, speaking, listening and reading and all these modules are checked to show how well you will use English after immigration. IELTS(General) is used to check English levels for immigration purposes and the academic version of this exam is used to check whether you are eligible for admission abroad.

Sections of the IELTS test

There are different durations of the various modules of these tests. Listening has a duration of “30 minutes” whereas the Reading and the Writing sections are of one hour each. However, the section of the shortest duration is the Speaking section which is 11-14 minutes long. We help the candidate prepare for all the sections. As far as the listening section is concerned, it’s not conducted on the same day as all the other sections. This test can be taken one week after or before all the other sections.
With us, the student is given preparing for the different sections of the IELTS test. The Listening section has 40 questions where you are supposed to listen tocertain conversations and a monologue in various accents for 30 minutes and then write the answers in 10 minutes. You are supposed to take care of grammar and spelling as any mistakes in them can also cost you in your IELTS score.
The Reading section also tests the different kinds of reading of a candidate. Sometimes, the candidate has to read some content in-depth, and sometimes he has to just breeze through the content. This section has 40 questions. This section consists of all those reading assignments which a user can face as a partof his life in the country of immigration. The questions are of various types including ending sentences, setting features. The “setting features” kind of questions consists of answering questions about the information given in one of the reading texts.

Dos and Don’ts of IELTS
  • Be attentive during the test
  • Work on the practice materials to hone your skills
  • Start practicing through reading materials which will better your skills
  • See English shows, movies, and news channels
  • Learn new words everyday
Donts of IELTS
  • Arrive on the test on time
  • The accent is not of any importance in IELTS
  • Use simple language and don’t use unnecessarily tough words
  • Give genuine answers
  • Don’t lose confidence during the test

You can get the IELTS test results within 13 days of giving the exam. You can download it within a timeframe of 28 days

Application for a visa

Applying for a visa is tough once you don’t know anything about the process. You can get complete help from us who know the complexity of the process.
It’s important to make sure that your application is handled successfully by the department of immigration. That’s why we provide complete documentation of the client. As a first step, we prepare your documents and then provide them to the concerned immigration department of the respective country. So, we guide you on how to add details to the forms and then how to appear for the interview. An interview is conducted in the case of Canada when you reach the country of Canada. In the case of Australia, no interview is conducted for the PR visa as such. However, it is done for the tourist visa. Providing biometrics is also important and we help clients with the same. The candidates get a biometric instruction letter for the same and then they proceed ahead with the submission of the same at VAC. We make sure that we aid you in choosing the proper NOC which coincides with your job duties in your home country. Since the job code is chosen by us, you have no problems in getting the right representation for your profile. With the right experience entered in the forms, you can immigrate easily because Express Entry asks for experience and education.

Technical evaluation

We don’t charge a penny for the technical evaluation fees. Our technical evaluation is handed free of cost to the concerned customer. You can call us and get to know your technical evaluation on the phone. So, you get to know how much eligible you are for the Canada immigration process. You can get the technical evaluation and fees for the number of persons who wish to have the visa, whether they are eligible to go or not and how much they are required to pay.

Job assistance

Immigrants are worried about getting a job when they go abroad? However all your worries are gone, when you have job assistance given to you by us. Our consultants register you in a job bank and your resume reaches out to so many employers present there. If you take consultation for a German job seeker visa from us, you can search for a job for 6 months in this country. We also guide how to manage interviews abroad. In the case of Australia, we help by getting you registered with your resume on different websites of recruitment agencies. This is how we make sure that you are getting considered for a job before even emigrating from India.

We file your application to overseas recruitment agencies. This is how we promote your resume. We conduct all the suitable research for you, which is important for getting a job:

Enquire about the employment prospects for foreigners

We let you know whether your job is part of a protected industry or not. If a job is a part of a protected industry, then you can’t get a job here being a foreigner. You also have to research whether there are English language jobs available in the country where you are planning to immigrate. If not, then it’s better, to learn the local language. Finding jobs where English is the primary mode of communication, isespecially crucial in the case of Europe, where local languages are used predominantly.

Research employers in your industry

Also, it is important to learn what are the hiring trends in the job sector where you are planning to immigrate. You can enquire about what kind of degrees are needed, what certifications are required. You can try for jobs in smaller and larger companiesbecause the former often can’t get any labor so easily.

Do some research about local recruiters of a country

If you have done all the research about the local country, you can then go forward and find about the overseas recruitment agencies. You can question locals about therecruitment agencies present abroad. It’s not fruitful to get in touch with temporary recruitment agencies because they hire for short periods only. Only long term recruitment agencies can get you jobs for a long time. Once you have come across some top recruitment agencies in your sector you can send them your resume. Don’t send your resumes to so many recruiters at once. You can also search for recruiters through Linkedin and get in touch with them.

Make sure working abroad does not affect your life that much

It’s also important to research the expat sector. You can also research about accepting a job abroad will affect your work-life balance. You can also study the various options through which you can stay in touch with your family including, Skype, Facebook, etc. Find about the expat communities so that you know how to make friends when you get there. Also, try to imbibe the language so that no problems arise when you are abroad. Patience is your asset when you are abroad. When you try to absorb things with a sense of humor, surviving in a new country can’t be so tough