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IELTS is the most important requirement when you want to be in Canada. Many people have a fear of this exam. However, when you face ample mock IELTS tests and also appear for the coaching of this exam, you have nothing to worry about. IELTS apart from CELPIP is the patterned test to check the English speaking skills of a visa aspirant to an English speaking country such as Canada.
IELTS is valued as a test for checking the English speaking abilities of a candidate because it valued fairly without any bias towards people of any race or religion. All kinds of visa aspirants appear for this test including those from countries such as New Zealand, Australian, Britain, and North America. IELTS has 4sections including speaking, writing, listening and reading, and a candidate has to perform well in all of them.

IELTS Modules

Since IELTS has 4 tests, anybody who takes this test has to be well prepared for them. The IELTS test taker requires constant Practise. He needs to know what kinds of questions he can face in the test. Fortunately, we help with the practice for this test.
IELTS academic is needed to study in one country where IELTS general is needed for immigration to countries like Australia and Canada. We can register you for practice sessions for the modules of this test. You can get complete knowledge from these mock tests about the IELTS test. One can appear for the listening, reading and writing modules on this test on one single day. In the listening module of this test, you have to listen to recordings of conversations and then answer the questions that follow accordingly. The duration of this test is 30 minutes.
The speaking part of the test involves asking questions from the applicant about the various topics which include questions about his personal life. He is also asked to speak about a topic given to him by the interviewer. Then, you are given questions about this topic.  11-14 minutes is the total time for which this section lasts.
The writing portion of this test consists of questions where the applicant has to write a letter and express an opinion about a point of view. The duration of this module is 1 hour.
The reading section of the test includes going through multiple choice questions and recognizing information and answering short answer questions. All these questions are given to a test taker after he/she has read a paragraph. The duration of this module is 1 hour.

This is how the various segments of the test are given to the applicant.

Short Tricks

IELTS  is a way to evaluate your English levels, whether they are enough for you to survive in a foreign land. These are the following tricks for someone to succeed in this test:
Take proper rest before the test:The IELTS test has a long duration of 2 hours 40 minutes. Since there is no gap between the three portions of this test, including reading, listening, and writing, it's better to have taken some rest before the test. This kind of rest is crucial so that you don't commit any mistakes during this test.
Clothes: You should wear something which makes you feel good. Don't wear too tight clothing because you have to sit for long hours for the test.
Use the restroom before the exam: Although during the IELTS test you can use the washroom by taking permission from the invigilator about it, it can waste some crucial minutes.
Come at a time: You should come sometime before the test. You must know where the test center is so that you reach there at the proper time. Arriving late can waste a few minutes for you. Once you arrive a few minutes before the test, you feel confident.


Someone who is mentoring for this exam can provide you with useful preparation material for this exam. They can also provide useful tips for this exam like how to appear for questions.
Getting your writing evaluated is also important. It's important to know how well you can score in the writing section of IELTS.A mentor can also evaluate the essay written by you.
A mentor can check your reading skills by providing your appropriate reading passages. This way he checks whether how well you will be able to attempt the reading section of IELTS.
A mentor also provides you with relevant examples for the IELTS test which help you in scoring more.  Mentor also makes you acquainted with the recent IELTS questions.

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