Post Settlement Services


When a visa holder lands in Canada, we stay in touch with them via phone and email. We are ready to extend all kinds of help to him. We assist the newcomers in finding the appropriate language coaching for them. This includes Language instruction for newcomers to Canada. So, we register candidates for these language classes after they can get a language assessment for them. There are specific services meant for newcomers in Canada which can help them in coping up with the environment in this country like finding a job. You will be surprised to know that there are even free services for learning French in this country.


We stay associated with our clients even after they land at the airport of a country. So, they are provided all the help to settle in a new place. This is not an easy task for all the new immigrants and visa holders. Sometimes, they have difficulties in finding accommodation, finding a job and understanding the language also.
So, we help them in settling themselves better in a foreign land. For this purpose, we help them in becoming a member of the settlement organization known as CIIP which stands for Canadian immigrant integration program for immigrant professionals. This is a dynamic organization which helps visa holders and immigrants in preparing themselves thoroughly for the job interviews. This kind of mockup session helps candidates in understanding the basic nature of Canadian interviews. So, they get a lot of help in what kind of interview questions would be posed to them. They develop the expertise to answer all kinds of questions.
In a job based evaluation, all kinds of questions are posed to a candidate including behavioral and competency-based questions. So, a visa holder is given ample practice for all kinds of questions in mock interviews. To excel in any kind of job based oral examination, you need to answer the challenging questions. The way a candidate answers these challenging questions decides whether he will be selected in the interview and the job respectively.
Apart from the interview workshops, candidates are also given resume workshops. The candidates are taught how to prepare their resume which can appease the foreign employers. This can help them in becoming a winning candidate in such evaluations. When they get the idea about the perfect Canadian resume, they are also saved from the hassle of preparing different resumes.
We also assistance for mentoring of teenagers who accompany you to Canada so they don't have any adjustment issues. You can also get help for admitting your kids to school. We also provide help about the health care of Canada, information about the doctors you can consult.
We also provide assistance in finding accommodations.


With our help, you can register for these services even before coming to Canada.


Settlement in Canada is necessary to help you attain the dream of successful immigration. It's tough to do so without professional help. When you reach the office of the settlement organizations provided by us, you get all the help in terms of how to live your life in an unperturbed manner in this country. You can reach these offices without booking any prior appointment

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