Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa - Subclass 870

Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa- Subclass 870

Applications for the new parent visa subclass (870) opened on April 17th, 2019.

With the 870 parent visa, parents can temporarily spend 3 or 5 years in Australia without having to leave the country.

Parent visa- between Subclass 143 and Subclass 173

If the age of parents is below 65.5 years, they are free to apply for a contributory parent visa. However, they will need to meet the test of ‘balance of family’, which means that half of the children of the parents are citizens or permanent residents of Australia. This visa for parents requires applicants to make a deposit on a non-refundable basis. This deposit amount has to be AUD $43,600 for each parent who is migrating. This amount is payable in full as well as in two equally divided parts. It takes about 48 months for the complete processing of this visa. Once all the police checks and health checks are passed, the parents are asked for the contributory amounts. After the grant of visas, parents become PR of Australia.

What about aged parents?

In case, one parent is 65.5 years old or older, and both parents enter Australia keeping a visa that lets them apply for a parent visa onshore- this is a tourist or visitor visa having no 8503 condition, also known as the condition of “No Further Stay”. Furthermore, the parents have to meet the condition of the ‘balance of family’, that is ensuring that half of the children of the parents are citizens or permanent residents of Australia. Fulfilling all these conditions, the parents are free to apply for the visa while living in Australia.

Non-contributory aged parent visa- subclass 804

It can take about 25 years or more for a non-contributory aged parent visa to get out of the processing. However, the applicant parents are free to stay in Australia to wait for the decision. Such applicants receive a Bridging Visa A. In case, such parents decide to temporarily depart Australia, they can opt for the Bridging Visa B.

Contributory Aged Parent Visa- Subclass 864

Parents older than 65.5 years are able to apply for their contributory parent visa, during their stay in Australia on any valid visa. As mentioned before, the application for a parent visa required a deposit of non-refundable kind to the Australian authorities. The deposit amount for every migrating parent is AUD $43,600. The processing period is about 24 months for this visa. The contributory deposit is required after the completion of police checks and health checks. After the approval of the visa application, parents become a PR in Australia. 

In case, an aged parent can’t obtain their visitor visa with no condition of 8503, they will have to apply for the offshore parent visa. As the non-contributory approach takes more than 25 years in processing, a contributory visa for parents makes more sense.

Sponsored Parent Visa (Subclass 870) (Temporary)

The applications for the subclass 870 of the new parent visa opened on April 17th, 2019. This 870 visa is for parents who want to stay in Australia temporarily for a period of 3 years or 5 years without having to leave Australia during this time. Unlike other visas for parents, this subclass 870 is free from the test of the Balance of Family. However, it is still necessary for the parent to have a biological, stepchild or adopted child living in Australia with permanent residency or citizenship. Or, the child has to be eligible for New Zealand citizenship; also, the child has to have proof of staying for 4 years in Australia. All these criteria and more decide the eligibility of a child to be a sponsor before his or her parents can apply for the respective 870 visa. The child has to provide proof of a minimum income along with police checks. 

With this 870 visa, parents don’t attain any work rights. This is why they need to show a sufficient amount of funds to provide for themselves during the period of their stay. Also, the acquisition of 870 temporary visa for parents doesn’t offer an opportunity for permanent residency. Eligible parents obtain a 10-year period to spend time in Australia with this visa. There is no limitation regarding the maximum or minimum age for the applicants who are parents. 

The concession on a visitor visa for the parents of children who are permanent residents and citizens in Australia won’t be available anymore. So, they can’t stay for longer days than decided. The capped nature of this 870 visa puts it in a limited availability zone. The maximum visa grants can be 15,000 in a year, after which, the July month of the next year begins the visa granting procedure under the 870 subclass. 

When applying for a visa that is up to 3 years, you need to submit $5,000 as the application fee. For duration up to 5 years, the fee goes up to $10,000. There is no clarity on whether this amount is asked for every applicant or for every couple. The submission of this fee happens in 2 parts, in which, the first part has to be submitted with the application and the second part before the 870 visa is granted.

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