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Are you looking for help to find best course abroad? Or skepticism and fear of travelling abroad are marring your innate dream of earning a degree from a foreign university? Well, let us ease your nerves as our expert team of education counsellors can guide you through the process of acquiring education overseas. The quality of courses, the exposure and the opportunities that one can be privy to after acquiring a foreign degree is innumerable. So freeze on a course that you want to pursue in any of the popular overseas educational hubs. Right from guiding you through the long process of visa to helping you settle in a new country, we manage all.




Study in Australia

Australia being a country with highest number of foreign students has a sea of opportunities to offer to an individual who nurses a desire to migrate to Australia. Whether it is job opportunities or vocational or educational courses, Australia just has it all for you. The Australian government has also ensured that it has friendly policies and a hospitable economy for migrants from other countries. There are a number of laws passed for the protection of international students in Australia. To name a few, Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000, and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2007 (National Code) are the ones that help the international students in Australia. You can now choose from more than 22000 courses as there are around 1100 institutions that offer them.

Life in Australia for students

Numerous part time job options are available for international students, making living comfortable in Australia. The country also provides an ample number of research opportunities as well. One can experience high living standards at low costs in Australia. Further the country is safe and friendly. So if you are on a hunt for a better future for yourself in terms of your education then Australia is the perfect destination for you.




Study in Canada

Known for excellent education and world class institutions, Canada has been ranked on top for its achievements in higher education. Designated Learning Institution (DLI) provides information about all courses and institutions in Canada. There are a number of opportunities for students to work while studying which can help earn while they study and manage the educational cost. There are on-campus, off-campus and internship options. Canada boasts of a highly developed economy. Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec houses the best universities in Canada. Canada offers a host of benefits and facilities to the when it comes to friendly policies for student immigration. It has one of the most flexible and fair point systems of evaluation.

Life in Canada for students

Low living cost and low tuition fees makes Canada more conducive for student to live here. Canada has a very hospitable and welcoming demeanor towards the students. English and French are 2 major languages spoken along with 200 additional languages spoken across the country. Blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, plethora of natural resources and a superior public service system are some of the key tenets that makes Canada an attractive migration hub. Every year a number of migration aspirants want to shift to Canada. Whether it is free education or unparalleled quality of health services, Canada just has it all. It provides one with great living and working conditions along with a number of educational opportunities.




Study in New Zealand

Courses offered by the universities in New Zealand rank high in international rankings of educational courses including the Times ranking for higher education as well. There are 8 teaching and research universities offering undergraduate and post graduate courses. The point system of evaluation of the immigrants is also very open and fair. There are a number of courses in the field of business, engineering, medicine etc. in New Zealand that can help you land with plump jobs. There are a number of polytechnic institutions along with many state approved universities and private institutions. In addition, leading a student life in New Zealand is also very comfortable.

Life of students in New Zealand

New Zealand has a vibrant living culture having café, shopping malls, sports complexes, nightlife beautiful landscapes. The country of New Zealand has a steady growing economy. Therefore, this country is always open and hospitable to immigrants so that they can have culturally balanced and a progressive economy by dint of the contribution from the immigrants. Whether you are looking for recreation life or a multi culture fun loving environment, New Zealand gives you all. 




Study in Europe

There are as many as 28 countries where immigration can happen. Each of these countries have their own immigration norms. However, most of these countries have very friendly policies and umpteen numbers of educational opportunities for students. Countries like Germany, Ireland, Hungary, Italy etc. have a lot of job opportunities for skilled labor. Most of the European countries offer great educational courses as well.

There are more than 1300 institutions offering courses across various streams like medicine, law, psychology, engineering etc. The courses are available at reasonable and moderate tuition fees. Whether it’s Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany, Denmark or any other European country, our team of education counsellors can help you get the course of your choice in the esteemed institutions. There are a number of job opportunities available as well. So if you plan to study in any of the European countries, there is a good chance that you will be able to find a job for yourself in the same country itself.

Conclusively, all you need to do is decide on the country you want to migrate to in order to fulfill your dream of leading a high quality life. The migration experts and the educational counsellors at Nile Migration will do the rest.

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