About Canada

Canadian education has assumed so much of fame because of the importance given to the education here. The government here expends so much on education which has led to its high quality. Amazingly, the country spends more on education than that spent by OECD ( Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development)countries on an average. The universities of this country are famous in the world.

The degrees conferred by them are recognised by the major organisations in the world.

Living environment of Canada

Canada has a serene environment and it’s, a bliss to spend your years of education here. Once you study in Canada you get the automatic right to live and work here even when your course is completed. So, your study visa gets converted into a post-graduation work permit and you can easily look for a high paying job here.

So, you get a chance to secure jobs in cities in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver here which are known all over the world for their cultural richness, cleanliness and world-class infrastructure.  In fact Canada also has high life expectancy for its residents because of the quality of its health care. The healthcare of this country is funded by the government and all the medical costs are borne by it.

The costs of the education are also low than a majority of countries.  The tuition costs for a large number of courses are lesser than the same in developed countries.