US boasts of one of the most amazing educational systems in the world. Its universities especially the Harvard University is considered as an Ivy League University. In fact, US has produced the maximum millionaires in the world  who are alumni of its prestigious universities like Mark Zuckerberg who was enrolled at Harvard. Bill Gates who started Microsoft was also enrolled in Harvard for some time. So, education in this country provides you with a chance of mingling with intelligent people  on the campuses. So, in a US university are you are in company of the elite.

In fact, due to this reason, the enrolment of students in US universities has been increasing and almost 37% more students have taken admission here from 2011-2017 as compared to the five years before  this time.

The US has also allowed many privileges for the students who study here. Class sizes are small so the tutoring received, is exceptional. Apart from that, the students get to discover the other side of their personality, in an on-campus residence.

A study visa consultancy is your most feasible resource to get all the information which courses are accepting intakes right now. The US  students have the best chances of getting a job after passing out and land up in employment after 6 months of their graduation.

The students who graduate from STEM degrees here have chances to get jobs because they are bestowed with an opportunity to pursue OPT(Optional practical training) in this country. They can pursue up to 36 months of employment/job search in this country, after finishing their graduation in the Science, Technology, Engineering or Medical backgrounds.