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5 Steps to Study Abroad

Step 1


Getting the admission to the appropriate university is like sorting a maze now because there are so many universities. You can’t also forget that any kind of wrong decision can have the worst impact on your career. When your parents have spent massively on your international education, they want you to land up in a global job which is both satisfying and lucrative. So, we would want you to get admission in the right university to attain this purpose.

Step 2


We offer career consultation. We seek students who have aspirations. So, we tell you the requirements the international universities have in terms of tuition fees and admission deadlines. Our international study consultants give you advice on a course so that you can get international employment and PR depending on your education.

step 3

Application process

After a student’s admission has been finalized with the right university and he has received the, offer letter, we then prepare you for the most crucial stage; which is the study visa filing. Throughout the whole process, you are in a constant contact with us, through emails, about how your visa process is faring out.

Our case managers call you or email you regarding any new study visa development.

Step 4

Visa process

Our visa processes can bring a revolution in your life when you get the study visa on time, just right before your intake. Once you opt for convenient services which are available for study visas of prominent study destinations such as USA, Canada, New Zealand or Australia, you just provide us with your mark sheets and need to wait for your visa.

Step 5

Pre Dipacher

Once you get your study visa, you are then guided by us through a warm-up session, about how to adapt to the university culture there. Your travel to the country which is your educational destination is facilitated through our services just as airport pickup. After you are dropped into your university, our counselors aid you in finding the right kind of accommodation or applying for a hostel there. All these services are extended by us because we believe that our clients are our lifelong responsibility.

Avail study visa through Nile Migration

Our services are consolidated including university admission and putting up an application for study visa which allows you to get education internationally:

  • Finding the choicest of educational destination for you and getting you an admission there
  • The complete onus of study visa filing lies on us
  • Aiding in campus settlement

How to get a STUDY VISA?

When a student wants to move from his home country to another country for achieving an international degree, he needs a study visa.

So, a study visa gives wings to your career and gives you a coveted life.  To get it, you should have been provided with admission to an international college/university and afterward, you can put an application for your study visa. You can apply with our assistance which includes relevant career advice, pre-admission assistance and counseling and international study visa application. We process study visa in 3 stages:

  • Evaluation
  • Guidance
  • Assistance

So, empower yourself and ignite your career dreams with study visa, of USA, or Canada, or Singapore or Australia or New Zealand.

Get your study visa through us

Visa Process

We will support your Visa application and help you with the documentation of the same.

Pack your bag & Pre-pare to depart

GlobEdwise Organise Pre-Depart Session to make you familiar with the new country you are going to land.

What to study and Where to Study?

Think about what you would like to study and the university / college you would like to join.


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