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Study Visa for Canada

Study in Canada

Canada has an amazing educational system. This is the reason why it has become so popular among students. Since each of the provinces manages its education system, that’s why it has become so desirable. Canada has many renowned universities located there. Students can start their education year from September and it lasts till May. An educational year includes 2 semesters in this country. The University of Toronto which is the no.1 ranked University of Toronto has a global score of 81.9. It has the no.20 rank in the world. So, it’s fortunate if you get selected for education there. The Second Best University of Canada, the University of British Columbia has the 29 th Rank in the ranking of Best Global Universities in the world.

Reasons why you should choose to get educated in Canada

Multiple Program

There are a lot of educational programs for which you can opt once you are in Canada. These programs differ in duration and domain. There are short term courses for certificates, short term and long term diplomas, graduation and post graduation degrees. You can pursue a diploma of 1 year from Canada in a gap year after your graduation. You can get admission in this diploma program once you havea 70-75% score in your graduation apart from 6.5 IELTS score. You need to provide proof of your English language proficiency so that you are selected for admission there.

Low-cost Program

Canada has low-cost programs as compared to countries, like the US, UK, New Zealand, and Australia. That’s, why, this country has become a prime destination forstudents wanting to immigrate. The students have to shell out an educational cost of 27,159 CAD(20,600 USD) per year for a graduation course. These costs are much more for a graduate course at a US college(60,000 US dollars every year). Scholarships have been introduced by the Canadian government, to ensure that theprodigious students can get educated easily. These scholarships are as follows:
Lester B. Pearson International scholarships: This scholarship is offered for undergraduate students studying at the University of Toronto. Every year 37 students are selected for this program. Those students who are going to begin their session in September 2019 are eligible for this course. The candidate must be referred by his school for the scholarship. The student needs to apply until January 2019 for this scholarship program.
A fine career in Canada awaits you
Students choose not to return to their home country after spending so much on education in Canada. Students are given a post-graduation work permit which allows them to work. However, you need to apply within 3 months of completing your course to get this permit. However, you can only get the post-graduation work permit to live and study in Canada for 3 years, although this can be for a lower duration if the course is of a lower duration. Studying in a designated learning institution in Canada can only make you eligible to get this permit and work there. You become eligible to get the Canadian PR through the Canadian experience class category.


Is IELTS necessary for getting admission to a college in Canada?
  You can get admission to a college because different colleges have different requirements for IELTS. However, you can get the study permit to Canada as per thestudent partner program without having an IELTS score.

What is the cost of educating yourself in Canada?
  You can get the cost of educating yourself in Canada because every college has its fee. To know the fee for getting an education in a certain college in Canada, contact us because through us you can get the precise requirement of different universities and we will help you plan accordingly.

For how much duration, you need a study permit in Canada?
A study permit in Canada is only needed once the duration of your course is longer
than 6 months.

Are police clearance certificates needed for education in Canada?
A PCC Is needed for a student to prove that he has a clean background from his home country. So, it is not harmful to the country where he intends to
move to invite him. You cant get a study permit without a PCC.

Is there a new requirement for a study permit once the educational institution is changed by a student in Canada?
If a student decides to move from one DLI to another DLI, he has to provide information to the IRCC about it. He can include such information in his study visa account. However, if he has decided to move to the province of Quebec, he needs a Certificate of Acceptance to Quebec.

What is the validity of medical examinations for Canada?

The medical exam is valid for one year for getting the study visa in Canada.

Is there a need for a medical test before getting a study visa in Canada?
A medical exam is an important requirement for getting the study visa for Canada. It has to be taken for a program whose duration is longer than 6 months. The medical exam can consist of components such as a urine test, blood test, and chest x-rays. This test is a comprehensive medical checkup.