Study Visa for New Zealand

New Zealand has been ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world. So, many students prefer to live there. This country has one of the best educational systems here with 3% of the universities in the QS world university rankings. All the education in this country has worldwide recognition. In 2018, New Zealand introduced a new law as per which there was a grant of open work permit after the completion of graduation, masters and doctorate degrees.

How to become eligible for the New Zealand study process?There are different requirements for the IELTS exam in case you want to become eligible for New Zealand education. You must have a score of 5.5 or 6 for diploma depending on the university, 6.0 for the bachelor degree and 6.5 for a post-graduation degree. Work experience is also needed for admission to a New Zealand university depending on the course. There should be a university application form, which takes a period of 1 to 2 weeks to be given clearance or rejection by a university.

Important forms

Important forms These financial undertaking forms are needed to prove that you would not be dependent on the social security system of this country. You must show evidence of funds requiredfor the duration of the course. The students need to show evidence of funds for the previous 6 months, which include bank statements and PPF accounts. If you have taken a loan from the bank, you can also show this loan sanction letter as evidence of funds rather than the bank statements. These bank statements must include funds required for living in New Zealand and course fees. New Zealand has estimated the cost of living in this country as 15,000 NZD per year.
There must be a guarantor also for your financial undertaking forms. The students should have a lesser amount of funds once he is not going to study for a year in New Zealand. He needs to show 1,250 NZD for his financial security per month in case his course is not of 1 year.    

Other forms needed for study visa in New Zealand

  • PCC
  • Medical certificate
  • Educational certificates, translated if needed
  • Visa application form for the student
  • Photograph
New Zealand has a lot of scholarships in place so that students have ease meeting the costs of living there. One of such scholarships is the New Zealand Excellence Awards which choose 34 students for awarding scholarships. The total amount for these 34 scholarships is 1 crore equivalent to 215,000 NZD.
Out of these 34 awards, 24 are granted for postgraduate courses and 9 for bachelors course. The student has to show that he has been chosen for admission in a course that is eligible for the grant of the scholarship award.

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