Partner 461 Visa for New Zealand Citizen

Partner 461 Visa for New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship

If your relationship with your partner is a de-facto or married and your partner lives in Australia with New Zealand citizenship, then, you can choose the option of the Subclass 461 visa

The same Subclass 461 visa allows eligibility of other family members of a citizen of New Zealand. 

You have to showcase your eligibility as a person’s family member who is already staying in Australia with a visa of subclass 444. A family member of can also opt for 461 visa if he or she is traveling with a New Zealand citizen to Australia. The family member of such a citizen receives a Subclass 444 visa on arrival. 

With this visa, you get to stay in Australia and work for a maximum period of 5 years. However, you can renew your visa further by proving that you meet the desired criteria associated with this visa.

461 visa criteria

To showcase your eligibility for this 461 visa, it is essential that you fulfil these criteria:

1. You don’t have citizenship in New Zealand.

2. You are somehow related to a citizen of New Zealand

3. You are a partner of a citizen of New Zealand. 

4. You are a dependent child of a citizen of New Zealand or his/her partner’s dependent child.

5. You are a dependent child of a New Zealand citizen’s dependent child. 

6. You are related to a citizen of a New Zealand or his/her partner with these characteristics:

  • You are divorced, separated, widowed or haven’t been in a de-facto or married relationship ever.

  • You live in the house of the visa holder in the Special Category. 

  • You are dependent on the visa holder in the Special Category.  

7. You meet all character and health requirements.

8. You might require health insurance acquired from a private provider along with a fund in Australia for the time you want to spend in Australia. 

9. You need to have a clear financial background without having any outstanding debt to the government of Australia. Or, you should be able to arrange the repayment of any outstanding debt to the government of Australia, so that, the authorities can grant you the visa.

Processing time

The processing time currently varies depending on many factors. So, it would be best if you reach the official site of the Department of Home Affairs to check the most recent processing time. The official is- https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/visa-1/300

What is the cost of getting a Partner Visa subclass 461?

Currently, the fee required by the government for this Subclass 461 visa is AUD $340. This cost stays the same whether you choose to apply for a visa in Australia or abroad. 

If you choose to include dependents on your application, the cost of AUD $85.00 will be required if the dependents are below the age of 18 years. However, if dependents are older than the age of 18 years, the cost will be AUD $170. 

You can also explore further details associated with the charges of this visa application right here: http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa/Fees

Subclass 461 visa duration and conditions

After getting the approval for your application of Visa 461, you become entitled to:

  • Study and work in Australia

  • Remain, enter and travel to Australia for a period of 5 years, starting from the date of visa approval. 

Renewing 461 visa and dissolution of a relationship

Visa renewal is possible even after the relationship between the holder of a Special Category visa and you get dissolved. However, the renewal of 461 Visa in this condition will depend on these factors:

  • You have been a resident in Australia for at least 2 of the total 5 years. 

  • You still meet all standard requirements associated with character and health. 

  • You have not become any other person’s family member, who is not a holder of a Special Category visa. 

  • In case, you are outside Australia currently, your 461 visa was valid when you travelled out of Australia. 

Is there a way to link a 461 visa to PR?

There is not any option of permanent residency that links to the subclass 461 visa. However, you might be eligible for a PR by meeting the requirements of any other visa program like employee-sponsored and/or skilled visas.

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