No Problems Will be Faced by You Once You have Applied for the UK and Canadian Visas Simultaneously

The investor visa is a great way for someone to immigrate to UK. This requires a mammoth investment of 2 million pounds which is equivalent to 8 crores INR. This visa also requires you to be appropriate on some other criteria which are:

When your partner is the owner of this money

  1. This money should be deposited in a bank account in UK or abroad and should be available to you all the time for expenditure when you are in UK. This money can be anywhere at the time of giving your application for this visa.
  2. This money can belong to you or your partner. So, its necessary to provide some evidence regarding how owns the funds. In case you are married and the money does not belong to you but your partner, you need to provide your certificate of marriage.
  3. A valid statement given by your partner which states that you have complete control over his/her funds in the country of UK. Also, a letter from a lawyer which proves the validity of the statement given by your spouse/live-in-partner. When the money is owned by someone who has a de-facto relationship with you, in that case, you need to prove the authenticity of your relationship for the past two years.

When you are the owner of the money

  1. When you are owning the money, you need to provide the proof of the money held by you and its location, whether in India or abroad.
  2. The candidate also needs to explain the source of the money, in case he didn’t have its ownership in the previous 3 months. For example, if he got the money through one of his deceased relatives, via inheritance, he needs to prove this.
  3. The ease with which the money can be moved to UK and transformed to UK currency. No problems occur for the candidate once he desires to get the immigration of UK.

Forgetting the permanent residency of UK, a residence in this country of 5 years needs to be demonstrated. Apart from this residence, the candidate’s partner needs to be from the extended European area including UK. The candidate should not be from EEA. Your partner can be from Switzerland also.

The PR visa of UK is hard to get. You can apply here for a work visa also, which requires you to get the coveted certificate of sponsorship. After getting this certificate, nobody can stop you from coming to this country and working here. A would be employee of the non-UK citizen, should devise an application for this work visa, 3 months before his scheduled work date in UK.

Prior to getting this visa, a candidate needs to have his certificate of sponsorship with him. A candidate for the work visa of UK needs to provide proof of 945 pounds in his account. A work visa is needed by a candidate in case he is coming to US for 6 months or more for employment.