UK Working Holiday Visa

UK Working Holiday Visa

Many people from different countries generally apply for Working Holiday Visa who are looking forward to travel and work through the UK for more than two years.

This visa scheme is also popular by the name of The Youth Mobility Scheme and people whose age is between 18-30 years are only eligible for such type of visa scheme. Different countries have different rules and regulations associated to while applying for this visa. Such type of visa suits those citizens who belong to the countries that have such an agreement with the United Kingdom

Know the Eligibility Criteria

There are a certain set of rules that every individual applying for such type of visa needs to understand such as:

  • The person needs to be between 18 to 30 years of age
  • It is important that the individual has a passport of the country that has an agreement with UK for such visa.
  • There should not be any dependent children
  • The person should have not held Youth Mobility Visa or UK Working Holiday Visa before.
  • The criminal record must be clean
  • The person should not set up own business to offer the services such as doctor or sportsperson during his stay in the United Kingdom
  • The person must not have any family member accompanying or being dependent on it. Spouse’s applicants can apply as dependants only if they fall under the same category but need to have YMS visa at least.

Eligibility Countries

If you are a citizen of any of the countries given below and have a valid passport, then you are eligible to apply for the visa. It is possible to apply for the visa online provided your country is eligible for the same.

  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Taiwan
  • New Zealand
  • Monaco

Benefits of applying for Visa

Once your work and Holiday visa application is approved, you are eligible to avail certain benefits such as:

  • The travelers from UK who fall under this scheme can stay in UK for at least 24 months irrespective of the job
  • The person can leave or visit the country as many times as he likes
  • The person can also apply for funded studies or a voluntary work.
  • There are many such holiday makers who stay in the UK on the basis of being an unmarried partner or as a student.

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