USA Artist Visa

Immigration to the United States has never been easy. There had always been issues involved in the immigration that the foreign nationals encounter when planning to migrate, visa application process, organizing a tour, finding better employment opportunities in a new country and finally relocating. It is really very frustrating as it is imperative that the visa application process should be seamless and swift.
USA Artist Visa
  • O-1 visa is a temporary non-immigrant work visa category that is granted to the foreigners who have extraordinary abilities in the field of art, business, science, television and motion pictures which has been recognized internationally. This visa category helps those people have distinguished skills but are not eligible for the other USA visa categories.
  • P visa that is commonly known as the Performer visa, that is specially tailoredfor performing groups involving exclusive cultural performance athletes, groups, coaches and teachers. This visa is a legal gateway for the applicant to enter United States. Entrance to the United States is limited to specific performances, competitions, and events. There are three different types of P (Performer) visas.
    • P2 Visa: P2 visa is planned for internationally acclaimed entertainers or athletes. The person applying for the visa must also be part of a group.
    • P3 Visa: The P3 visa is specially reserved for artists and/or entertainers. The entertainers or artists who are going to perform under reciprocal exchange program should apply for P2 visas. This visa empowers the individual to apply independently and entitles the right stay in the United States for one year along with this visa approval. There are no travel restrictions with this visa and you can enter and the leave the U.S. with proper documentation.
    • The P-3 Visa is reserved for culturally unique entertainers or artists who are teaching or representing their culture or cultural performances.

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