USA Spouse Visa

USA Spouse Visa

If you are staying in America as a permanent resident of USA and want to bring your spouse to stay with you in America, then there are two different ways to bring them to America as your spouse and make them live with you in America. First is the Immigrant Visa for Spouse of a US Citizen or CR-1 and the second is the Non-Immigrant Visa for Spouse or K-3 Visa. Based on your rights, you can apply for USA Spouse Visa and bring your Spouse to stay with you in America.

IR1 or CR1 or Immigrant Visa for Spouse of US Citizen

This is the type of visa meant for citizens of America who are married to a foreign national Spouse and want to call their Spouse to live together in America. However, under this visa policy only the first Spouse is eligible for the Spouse for immigration. Below you will come across with the eligibility, fees and other details of applying for this visa category. However, before applying for this visa you need to ensure that you have accompanied the visa application along with the Form-130 which is mandatory for applying CR1 visa

Canada/USA Partner Visa


  • The sponsor of the visa must be lawfully the citizen of America
  • The sponsor must be above the age of 21 years to file the petition for parents and siblings. The lawful citizen of America with permanent resident can apply for the visa if he or she is above the age of 18 years
  • The sponsor must prove that he or she is financial sound to support the expenditure of their Spouse and also maintain a principle residence in USA
  • The sponsor needs to sign a affidavit mentioning to support the family that is intending to migrate to USA
  • The sponsor of the visa needs to get approval from the immigrant visa petition I-130 from the USCIS


  • The sponsor needs to pay USD-420 to file the petition for Alien Relative or Firm-I-130
  • The processing fees for the Immigrant Visa Application for immediate relative and family preference applications is $230
  • The medical expenses for tests and evaluation is based on the GP or hospital where the medical examinations are done

Non-Immigrant Visa for Spouse or K-3

This is the type of visa which is applied when the foreign Spouse is married to a American citizen. This visa application is applied after the visa is being issued in the country where the marriage rituals were taken place and once the visa is issued the Spouse (American Citizen) needs to file the petition for IR-1 or CR1 and Alien Relative, Form-130 and Form-129F is mandatory.


  • Alien Relative Petition filing cost of $42
  • Filing of Alien Fiance Petition Form-129F is $340
  • Medical Expanses

There is also a visa called non-immigrant visa for fiancé or K-1 visa which is offered to the US citizen who want to bring their legal fiancé to USA for marriage rituals and stay with them forever in USA as their legal wife or husband.

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