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USA Traders Visa

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The United States of America have designed treaties signed with different countries to maintain trade relations with various nations. To encourage better trade relations, the US issues treaty visas to foreign nationals. These treaties help them to come to US and carry out international trade in the country. This visa is categorized as a non-immigrant visa. The individuals with bilateral treaties are eligible for this kind of visa. It is essential that the applicant should be from a treaty nation in order to qualify for this visa. A manager or executive owing at least 50% of the company can apply for this kind of visa.

There are two kinds of trader visas:

  • E1 Visa: E-1 is a Treaty trader visa and E-2 Treaty Investor visa. This trader visa classification is based upon agreement of companionship, trade and navigation or bilateral investment ties or some treaties between US and other nations.
  • Treaty Investors/E-2: The Treaty Investor Visa entitles the foreign nationals from the treaty countries with United States with an aim of establishing a trade. No INS approval is required for these visas except more than 50 percent trade is required between the two countries. There are many factors such as: creation of jobs in United States and upcoming capability of business growth are considered in judging these visas.

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